A time for self reflection…

Let’s take a brief moment from your busy day to reflect.  What in your life is most important to you?  Categorize and rank the following in order of importance…

1.  Marriage, your most important relationship and the person

2. Family, how much do they count.  What time are you taking to nurture these relationships?

3. Career / business, is it all about climbing the ladder of success?

4. Financial, is it all about money?

5. Spiritual, what makes you who you are? not necessarily a religious reflection.

6. Contribution, how are you giving back

7. Physical, are you taking care of your physical body?

8. Toys, what do these matter?  what do you want?

Each of these could take many hours of self reflection.

Spending time, if you have it each day, thinking about this and ensuring that what you are doing is truly important to you.

Learn think apply!