Succession of your management team is also important

Who will operate your business, when you are no longer directly involved in the day to day operations? Have you considered passing on some of your knowledge to your key family members and/or employees? One important person in your organization … Continue reading

W1 – When to begin succession and transferring knowledge

Transferring knowledge about your business takes a long time. You have to start right away. My suggested first step, documentation. Your business is complicated and has lots of moving parts: 1. Suppliers 2. Employees 3. Customers 4. Production methods 5. … Continue reading

W1 – When and who

Communication. A pillar and necessary part of the succession planning process.  The plan can best be developed with input from your interested parties.  A cliche, well trodden, “A man/woman is not an island unto himself/herself.” You may be entering territory … Continue reading