Primogeniture – does it still exist

Coutts, an advisory firm to the high net worth families, tallied an estimate that showed £1 trillion will pass down from one generation to the next over the next 20 years in the UK. This is significant. How will this … Continue reading

Storytime, telling the family story – my weekly blog

Every family has a story and every business has its beginnings.  With all due respect to our current day reliance on instant gratification, instant messaging and instant pudding…your business has taken time to be built, and rarely are businesses overnight … Continue reading

Do you speak with your children about your (and their) wealth? – my weekly blog

There is an appropriate time in life when 1. teaching your children about the responsibility of wealth, and 2. telling them about their potential inheritance, should be done.  The right timing of raising the points, particularly in point (2), can … Continue reading