Opening day and renewal – my spontaneous blog

The smell of fresh mown grass and renewal. Smells are said to evoke the strongest memories for some. Freshly cut grass reminds me of my childhood, where dreams, idle play and joy abounded. Freedom and time seemed endless. Hopes, dreams … Continue reading

April fool’s! Do not be fooled…my weekly blog

There are business aggregators around who are trying to buy up undervalued businesses, for cents on the dollar and then their strategy is to slash and burn, in order to cut costs, “turnaround” the company and then sell it. Beware. … Continue reading

Business relationships – an “old school” perspective, my weekly blog

Business and family relationships are like newly sprouted plants. They have to be fertilized, nurtured, with plenty of sunshine to allow them to flourish. In this fast paced Twitter and Instagram IM world, we sometimes do not take the time … Continue reading

Employing family, best practices – my weekly blog

A family business faces challenging choices, both moral and financial, when considering whether or not to employ family members. A successful family business can often afford to employ many family members without financial hardship. Does this mean that it should? … Continue reading

Looking for your successor, “Looking out for number 1” – my weekly blog

How do you find your successor? This is one important, and often the most important aspect of your succession plan.  You have to have as a goal of the succession plan not only organizing your business into a place that … Continue reading