What happens without a succession plan? – my weekly blog

I wanted to relay a story to you of a family that did not have a succession plan. Sad, really. The business was a thriving consumer goods business, run by the founder and owner (generation 1) for about 25 years.  … Continue reading

A great comeuppance – courtesy of the CEO of JP Morgan, my weekly blog

This is so good, that I had to repeat it verbatim. The link is here: A young and pretty lady posted this on a popular forum: Title: What should I do to marry a rich guy? I’m going to … Continue reading

It is never too late to effect the succession of your business – my weekly blog

This cartoon is intended to be hyperbole about business and family succession. Some wait until it is too late…what are the potential results? – lose the interest of the next gens who are tired of waiting for their turn to … Continue reading

Child labour? – my weekly blog

Family employment in a family business can be rewarding and part of best practices to further the succession plan for your business. However, it also can have a darker side where sibling/cousin rivalries can emerge, entitlement issues arise and leadership … Continue reading