Succession should be a pleasurable activity (and not dreaded nor delayed) – my weekly blog

Succession is a journey that is a positive thing.  Remember, you are taking active steps for an orderly transition of your business to the next generation.  The majority of private businesses today have not begun to take these steps, for … Continue reading

Adding bench strength and team depth….my weekly blog

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there. Management succession should also be an integral component of most, if not all, succession plans.  The business has to be able to continue to operate, with a strong management team, … Continue reading

W2 – what does your succession look like – my weekly blog

Succession of your family business is unique.  Studies have shown that the process of getting to your succession plan and the communication around the planning process defines the end result for your family.  I have worked with two families moving … Continue reading