The value of doing – my weekly blog

Are we outsourcing our lives? Many of life’s tasks, considered menial, are no longer done by ourselves. We hire lawn and garden care specialists, domestic help for cleaning and cooking, mechanics to fix our vehicles. What is left for us … Continue reading

Engaging family millennials in your family business – my weekly blog

Do you have children that are millennials? What are millennials? They are those born between 1981 and 1996 who today would be 17 to 33 years of age. They represent a significant demographic group, and by 2025, they will become … Continue reading

Affluenza, an epidemic? – my weekly blog

Affluenza in some worlds is running rampant. What is affluenza? It is sadly a malady where as one person described in the baseball context, “someone woke up on third base and concluded that they were a great hitter”. Perhaps, this … Continue reading