Are you all in with your family enterprise investment? – taking some chips off the table, my weekly blog

Tell me. Have you considered your family business as an investment? Does your family business represent yours and your family’s entire investment portfolio? or do you have investments outside of your family business? Is your family business comprised of land … Continue reading

Life together, family meetings – my weekly blog

Life together, family meetings An inevitable part of family businesses, is to retain the family part of the family business. How is this done? In my view, simple not easy….communication. Communication is something that many need continual prompting to ensure … Continue reading

Take the time to take care of yourself – my weekly blog

I heard a disturbing tale about the meteoric rise of a consultant. His assignments took him worldwide and he met some of the most prestigious executives in his time. His life sounded glamorous and fulfilling, a life worthy of envy. … Continue reading

Financial literacy to make the family stronger – my weekly blog

Financial literacy is at a very low level. Many do not know some of the basics: simple vs. compound interest, saving 10% of what you earn, what is income tax. To create an environment conducive to the succession of your … Continue reading