Financial literacy and your family – my weekly blog

We were all brought up uniquely with different values. This becomes apparent especially when money and wealth are involved. One of the leading reasons for separation and divorce is money, often because in some families, it is a taboo subject. … Continue reading

Strategy for the family in the family enterprise – my weekly blog

Each business sets its strategy. This strategy is then delegated to the Board who then hires the CEO to effect the plan to achieve that strategy. Today, instead of business strategy, let’s speak about the strategy for the family. What … Continue reading

Conflict in the family business – an inevitability, my weekly blog

A few questions to pose for the family enterprise. These questions arise whether in good or challenging times, and often are exacerbated in the more difficult times: – is there room for feelings in the family business? – why does … Continue reading

Family meetings – setting the rules, my weekly blog

This is one part of an overall family enterprises’ strategy to help families construct the foundation to make the business and more importantly, the family, stronger. Creating a regularity to the meetings certainly gives an opportunity to the family members … Continue reading