What is your lens in the family enterprise – my weekly blog

Lenses (3) = family, business, ownership Did you know that in your role in the family enterprise, you can have three different roles: family, business, ownership? They each have differing and sometimes conflicting goals and objectives so to clearly understand … Continue reading

Building your team for succession – my weekly blog

Has this happened to you before? You are the head of the family enterprise, effectively the CEO, CFO and COO. Family holidays are two weeks away and you have about 4 weeks of work to do before leaving, let alone … Continue reading

Sibling partnership, is your family enterprise at this stage? – my weekly blog

If you plan to retain the enterprise within the family, then the transition of the business to the following generation is necessary. This can be a challenging time and some points for consideration are set out below. What is a … Continue reading

What happens when I die, including your family enterprise? – my weekly blog

Death, as inevitable as taxes. Live without regrets. As I am now fully entrenched in middle age, not only are my peers’ parents passing. Also some of my peers have passed. In my view, they were too young to go. … Continue reading