Is your business a race horse, a colt or a plough horse? Strategy setting- my weekly blog


‎Strategy for your business? Is this a regular exercise that you and your family go through for the benefit of your business? The idea of setting strategy is simple but it is not easy.

The day to day challenges of operating a business can be daunting. It is common for many business owners to focus on daily operations and not considering strategy, simply from the lack of available time. Strategy setting can present challenges.

Why? – strategy setting helps the owners focus on the deeper reasons for operating the business for the long term and at the deepest levels helps to assess the values that underlie the business, its foundational reasons for being.

How? – this is usually not a do it yourself exercise. I suggest seeking help. Whether with a trusted advisor or a facilitator well experienced in strategy setting and the methods of approaching this process. The title of this blog is an illustrative method to think about your business. All 3 types of horse have their purpose; it is up to you to make the best of what youbare and aspire to be what you could be.

What? – write down the strategy, once set and revisit it regularly to assess how you and the business are progressing with the strategy. Does the strategy need a minor course correction?

‎I hope this has given you some points for consideration to begin the strategy setting process.

Learn, think, apply!