Conflict resolution and succession planning…letting go – my weekly blog

Conflict is inevitable, especially as you begin to transfer governance away from yourself to others. These other decision makers will begin to make their own decisions which may or may not be congruent to the decision that you would have made.

This can and likely will breed conflict.

You have a choice of actions:

– go along with the decision, say nothing
– go along with the decision, give your considered input, or
– vehemently disagree.

Your initial reaction, which is quite natural, may be vehemently disagree just because often the decision made would not be exactly what you had in mind. In my view the better option is that you should go along with the decision AND give your considered input.  By taking this tact, you open the door to a conversation with the decision maker.  This is the essence and why you are going through a succession plan.


This conversation can be a launching point to enable you to better understand the motivations and objectives of those who will be eventually running your business.  It certainly can be your place to challenge the decisions but do it constructively and be inquisitive.  You may be surprised yourself if you could perhaps, learn something from those who are supposed to be learning from you.