Decision making can result in analysis paralysis – my weekly blog

Making decisions in a company in which the entrepreneurial spirit is embraced usually is straightforward. The company’s leader will decide a strategy/direction and move the company towards the goals set. This decision making becomes more challenging and complex as the … Continue reading

What essential family agreements to ratify? – my weekly blog

Some key agreements to consider as an essential part of your succession plan.  These are not all inclusive and we will further elaborate on them in later posts. 1. Shareholders’ agreement 2. Voting agreement 3. Dividend policy 4. Insurance, how … Continue reading

Communication and how to open the conversation – my weekly blog

How can you open the conversation around succession and your future retirement from the business with 1.  your spouse 2. your family members 3. your employees Let’s first focus on your spouse and family.  First your family should be part … Continue reading

The Family in the 3 circle model – my weekly blog

The enterprise is not just about making money. I hope that it has a greater purpose than that. Much literature has studied the traditional 3 circle model for family enterprises made up of family, ownership and business. Each of these … Continue reading

Family meetings as a vacation, getting to know you – my weekly blog

We are all busy: business, social, philanthropy activities abound. Organizing family meetings can be a challenge, especially when the organizer is hoping to have 100% attendance. With this organizational challenge, oft times a lot of pressure is placed on ensuring … Continue reading