Sharing the story – how to start a conversation – my weekly perspective

The succession of a business requires an abundance of conversations to work successfully. Many families with whom I consult often are waiting for an epiphany (or worse a serious health or other issue arises) to begin the conversation. Your takeaway … Continue reading

A surprising 2nd generation enters the family business… – my weekly perspective

It sometimes takes a fresh take on an old idea and a “new set of legs” to rejuvenate a business.  This is a story of one family’s succession that really appears to have worked. See the video link below. … Continue reading

Enjoy the journey – my weekly perspective

Succession of a business can take a long time, sometimes 5-20 years. I am in the midst of a succession planning discussions with one family that is now into its 2nd year, having made significant headway on communications and setting … Continue reading