Your will and your children – who gets what? My weekly perspective

Who is going to benefit from your estate which would include your business and other investment assets? Have you ever had the thought (fleeting or otherwise) when you were so upset with your children and their behaviour that you swore … Continue reading

Does a certain leadership style facilitate succession? – my weekly perspective

Does a strongly opinionated leader create an environment appropriate for succession? ‎ What style is “best” to facilitate succession? The current American election race presents a great opportunity to compare the success of markedly different styles in a very short … Continue reading

Momentum, start the ball rolling – my weekly perspective

Momentum is a great force that takes on a life of its own. You just have to start with your succession plan sometime, why not now?  We are all great at running our day to day businesses and the decisions … Continue reading

To whom will you pass your business? – my weekly perspective

What would you do if you only had one child to be the family member on whom you bestow your family’s business?  This is commonplace in China, where there is a one child maximum policy.  Sibling rivalry will not be … Continue reading