14 centuries for a family business

The world’s oldest continuously operating family business ended its impressive run last year. Japanese temple builder Kongo Gumi, in operation under the founders’ descendants since 578, succumbed to excess debt and an unfavorable business climate in 2006. How do you … Continue reading


W1 – When to speak to family and stakeholders

Having conversations around succession are difficult. It can feel like you are admitting to yourself about your own mortality, …to some entrepreneurs, a sign of weakness. Undoubtedly, the outcome and the benefits are exactly the opposite.  A strong person can … Continue reading

W4 – when (do you best plan your succession)? – my weekly perspective

Do you find your days filled with the minutiae of the moment?  Each day of operating  your business requires your personal attention and input on many of the decisions that have to be made.  How can you find the time … Continue reading