Sibling rivalry – my weekly perspective

Choosing the next leader for your family enterprise should not be a Darwinian experiment, survival of the fittest. At some point, you may be faced with the decision to pass on the business to the next generation. This decision should … Continue reading

Communicate with confidentiality – my weekly perspective

Communication within families can be charged with emotion well beyond the words that are shared.  Having said that, fruitful and effective communication is essential to create an environment for your succession plan to proceed and succeed. In discussions with others, … Continue reading

A checklist to assess the health of your business…. – my weekly perspective

Some points and issues for consideration that could facilitate the succession of your business.  You could use list this as a regular check up tool to assess the general health of your business: 1.  have you identified the company’s key … Continue reading

Listen to the differences – my weekly perspective

Succession can be all about the end goal which should be an orderly transition of governance and wealth of the family enterprise. However, the terms of how a successful succession plan can be effected is better understanding between the generations. … Continue reading

Succession of family and management in the family business

I was speaking with a client today about why his succession has worked.  He has been running his company for over 50 years and had rightly identified a number of years ago that he would not be here forever.  What … Continue reading