Your succession plan – Which area to address next?

The Family Firm Institute – an acknowledged leader in the family business arena is soon holding its annual conference, Transitions West. In the conference, the main topics to be addressed include: 1. Engaging the NextGen in the transition from child … Continue reading

Respect and freedom to fail… – my weekly perspective

Succession by its very nature requires you, the owner, entrepreneur, founder, patriarch/matriarch to LET GO! At some point, you will not be guiding the firm and your successors will be.  Succession will only be successful if you let your successors … Continue reading

Succession and documentation – my weekly perspective

Documentation.  What do I mean by this? This is the collective knowledge all about your business: trade secrets, special supplier or customer relationships, secret recipes; all the things that are integral to why your business is successful. Your operational secrets, … Continue reading