How long does succession take? – my weekly perspective

I often am asked, “How long does succession of my business take?” The answer is never straightforward and I respond like many typical professionals with, “It depends.” This is not the answer that the person wants. So then I pose … Continue reading

Pre-nuptial agreements, necessary? – my weekly perspective

We have all heard of pre-nuptials in high profile Hollywood marriages and more often once a star’s divorce happens.  A pre-nuptial agreement also can be necessary in a family business, where the family wants to ensure that the business stays … Continue reading

What is a henokien? – my weekly perspective

Story time of long lived family businesses – the henokien member. The Henokiens were created in 1981 by Gérard Glotin. The name goes back to the biblical story of Henok, son of Cain, who lived for 365 years before he … Continue reading

Succession of your employees – management, my weekly perspective

Management. This is the backbone of any business and definitely the essence of a family business. Why? The management, whether the knowledge of the business, the “secret sauce”, resides in the sole entrepreneur or in a team of key players, … Continue reading

Stories and history – my weekly perspective

Do you know your family history? Sharing the history of the family is an important tradition in many cultures. In First Nations for example, there are long standing oral histories about the challenges, triumphs and most importantly humanity from the … Continue reading