Stories and history – my weekly perspective

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Do you know your family history?

Sharing the history of the family is an important tradition in many cultures. In First Nations for example, there are long standing oral histories about the challenges, triumphs and most importantly humanity from the past. Myths are often used as metaphors for historical events.

In my view, every family has a story to be told from its history. What can you do to resurrect your family history? Learning this history can help you better understand yourself. Speak with the elders in your family and directly ask them about their history. You may be surprised by the clarity of the stories from decades ago.

Going back to the First Nations, the story telling has three purposes:

– to pass on the family/cultural history through stories
– to actually experience listening to the stories, and
– to lead the family by telling the stories, the process of telling the stories being equally important as the stories themselves.

Good luck with this. Our society will be richer for these shared and learned histories.

Learn, think, apply!!