Carpe diem – you don’t know if tomorrow may be your last, my weekly perspective

Laugh a little more, Cry when you must, Do the things that matter…to you. You cannot take all of this with you. However, you can touch those people that matter to you and leave your imprint on them during your … Continue reading

Decision making and succession, my weekly perspective

This is often the most challenging part of a succession plan, letting go of control of your company. You cannot be everything to everybody and always be at the helm of your business.  With many entrepreneurs, having made all the … Continue reading

‎Setting the record straight – the family enterprise history, my weekly perspective

You will be surprised how much we take past accomplishments for granted. The pain and challenges of past triumphs quickly dissipate with the hectic day to day demands of the enterprise. Take a moment to reflect on the past and … Continue reading

Values in a family enterprise – my weekly perspective

The single and important difference I have discovered with family enterprises that have successfully navigated through multiple generations is a magic glue. What is that special ingredient to maintain discipline and focus for a family enterprise? COMMON VALUES. ‎Surprised? This … Continue reading