Your wealth – your say?? – my weekly perspective

You know how much hard work you had to exert to earn and accumulate your family’s wealth. How much do you “share” with your following generations and do you control how they spend what you do share with them? You … Continue reading

Aging care and POA’s – my weekly perspective.

What happens if you can no longer manage your personal and financial matters such as if you become sick? Have you thought of that situation arising? Contrast this with when you die? The clarity of who manages your estate is … Continue reading

Family vacays – my weekly perspective

Summer is the time for taking some rest, relaxation and sometimes seeking adventure. Having just returned from a 3 generation 10 day eastern Canada journey – I can now quietly reflect on the frenetic time together. This was a great … Continue reading

Plan for yourself – know your worth, have a will — my weekly perspective

Why – time to take stock. You have worked diligently for all of these years and hopefully have been rewarded and have accumulated wealth and knowledge, and maybe even some wisdom. Have you ever done a review of what you … Continue reading

Governance in the family enterprise, clarifying roles – my weekly perspective

In a family enterprise, there can be many levels of governance = systems and procedures for decision making. In the strict legal sense, those who hold the votes, can elect the board of directors and thereby control the enterprise. Let’s … Continue reading