Your key business attributes – my weekly perspective


A wise family enterprise advisor said, “If you take a resource to the grave, you will dramatically impact your company’s ability to compete.”. This is definitely a no no. A Men’s Health magazine article agrees….Men’s health article

What can you do?

1. Identify what special resources your enterprise possesses
2. Tell someone trusted in your enterprise, about the resource
3. Write down the why and what of the each resource‎

Let’s work with an example. You run a successful food manufacturing business. The secret is in the combination of spices and herbs that go into the product that provides its unique flavour. No one knows this but you. Sound familiar? Did Harlan Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken keep secret its chicken coating recipe. You bet. However, the recipe survived the passing of Colonel Sanders and the KFC brand remains.

Think about this. We all are important to our enterprise but will not be here forever.

Learn, think, apply!