Don’t forget your customers – my weekly perspective

One hazard that you have to consider while planning and then implementing your succession plan is the potential of taking your eye off of the ball.  In the sports context, this will mean you can miss the pitch, leave your … Continue reading

Succession roadblocks – my weekly perspective

Some thoughts about what may cause a succession plan to bog down or even worse, stop completely… If your succession plan has bogged down, there are definitely some remedies to help to get you back on track.  Remember, succession is … Continue reading

Planning, what is your time horizon? – my weekly perspective

Building a business and running a business can be considered as two separate objectives.  Running a business can be all consuming, taking all of the available time in your day.  An integral part of succession planning’s goal is to build … Continue reading

Watch your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves – my weekly perspective

Remember a past blog entry, where I urged you to lead by example. One key value, for me being part of an immigrant family, is watching your pennies.  To us it really matters how much a pound of bananas cost. … Continue reading

14 centuries for a family business – my weekly perspective

The world’s oldest continuously operating family business ended its impressive run last year. Japanese temple builder Kongo Gumi, in operation under the founders’ descendants since 578, succumbed to excess debt and an unfavorable business climate in 2006. How do you … Continue reading