Building a brand – successful succession, my weekly perspective

Have you heard of UFC?  Unless you live under a rock, you have to have heard of one of the fastest growing professional sports franchises in North Amercia.  10 years ago, had you ever heard of UFC?   Through clever … Continue reading

Pre-nuptial agreements, necessary? – my weekly perspective

We have all heard of pre-nuptials in high profile Hollywood marriages and more often once a star’s divorce happens.  A pre-nuptial agreement also can be necessary in a family business, where the family wants to ensure that the business stays … Continue reading

What is a family business? – my weekly perspective

A family business is any for profit enterprise with a purpose for family employment and to make a profit.  The size of a family business can range from the corner grocery store to a major enterprise, employing thousands.  The Kohler … Continue reading

How do you define success? – my weekly blog

Everyone has a different definition of success.  For me, it is not monetary, even though I am an accountant by trade.  Accountants have such a bad rap about being penny pinchers and all consumed by the almighty dollar.  This is … Continue reading

Your child as your successor?

The challenge of choosing your child as your successor, is that not only is there the knowledge about the technicalities of your business to pass on.  There is also the need to overcome the family communication dynamics.  Be patient; be … Continue reading

Playing by the rules

What are the rules?  They are certainly those societal and other norms considered acceptable in normal human interactions.  How can you take these rules and apply them to your business?  You, the leader set the tone for the business, today … Continue reading