Governance in the family enterprise, clarifying roles – my weekly perspective

In a family enterprise, there can be many levels of governance = systems and procedures for decision making. In the strict legal sense, those who hold the votes, can elect the board of directors and thereby control the enterprise. Let’s … Continue reading


Children working in the business? – my weekly perspective

If your business hires entry level employees, this environment may present a great opportunity for your children to learn about the family business from the ground up.  Only then, can they appreciate the challenges, breakthroughs and corporate goals and objectives … Continue reading


Succession – Back to communication, my weekly perspective

I am currently working with a family on a succession plan.  One ingredient was missing in our plan, which, after much investigation turned out to be open communication. We have gotten through the technical aspects related to the succession plan. … Continue reading

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Financial literacy in the family – my weekly perspective

You have worked long and hard to build your family enterprise. You know many aspects of the enterprise innately because of your familiarity having built‎ this enterprise. Do you think your family understands and shares this depth of financial knowledge … Continue reading


Building a brand – successful succession, my weekly perspective

Have you heard of UFC?  Unless you live under a rock, you have to have heard of one of the fastest growing professional sports franchises in North Amercia.  10 years ago, had you ever heard of UFC?   Through clever … Continue reading


Carpe diem – you don’t know if tomorrow may be your last, my weekly perspective

Laugh a little more, Cry when you must, Do the things that matter…to you. You cannot take all of this with you. However, you can touch those people that matter to you and leave your imprint on them during your … Continue reading