Wealth and responsibility, philanthropy? – my weekly blog

For the successful family, at what age is it appropriate to teach your children about your family’s wealth, and more importantly, the responsibility that such wealth carries with it? My view, is you start the process at as early an … Continue reading

What is a henokien? – my weekly perspective

Story time of long lived family businesses – the henokien member. The Henokiens were created in 1981 by Gérard Glotin. The name goes back to the biblical story of Henok, son of Cain, who lived for 365 years before he … Continue reading

Your succession plan – Which area to address next?

The Family Firm Institute – an acknowledged leader in the family business arena is soon holding its annual conference, Transitions West. In the conference, the main topics to be addressed include: 1. Engaging the NextGen in the transition from child … Continue reading

Talking about wealth – an approach to succession, my weekly perspective

Storytime. There once was a rich person who on the outside showed all the signs of the western ideal of wealth, a big house, fancy car, vacations, a yacht and an airplane. I use the word rich to distinguish what … Continue reading

Succession should be a pleasurable activity (and not dreaded nor delayed) – my weekly blog

Succession is a journey that is a positive thing.  Remember, you are taking active steps for an orderly transition of your business to the next generation.  The majority of private businesses today have not begun to take these steps, for … Continue reading

Adding bench strength and team depth….my weekly blog

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there. Management succession should also be an integral component of most, if not all, succession plans.  The business has to be able to continue to operate, with a strong management team, … Continue reading