Carpe diem – you don’t know if tomorrow may be your last, my weekly perspective

Laugh a little more, Cry when you must, Do the things that matter…to you. You cannot take all of this with you. However, you can touch those people that matter to you and leave your imprint on them during your … Continue reading

Stories and history – my weekly perspective

Do you know your family history? Sharing the history of the family is an important tradition in many cultures. In First Nations for example, there are long standing oral histories about the challenges, triumphs and most importantly humanity from the … Continue reading

Strategy, setting a direction for your family enterprise – my weekly perspective

Many businesses focus on the immediate issues and the need for daily operational decisions. Some businesses do not have nor make the time to spend on strategic planning for the business. This often can result in great short term operating … Continue reading

Exit alternatives from your business – my weekly perspective

When you decide that it is time to go, what are your alternative courses of action? You can consider a number of creative and not so obvious means to enable you to gracefully exit the business. These include: – outright … Continue reading

Financial literacy, it is never too late – my weekly perspective

I saw an article about the Vancouver based reality series, the Ultra Rich Chinese Women of Vancouver. One of the group, to be provocative , said that she knew her dad was rich but did not know what he did … Continue reading

Blurred lines – your ever changing roles in the business, my weekly perspective

Looking at your business from different perspectives can lead you to innovative thought and possibly a stronger business. You probably are aware of your three distinct roles in the business: 1. leader-employee, 2. family member, and 3. owner. In your … Continue reading