Work – life balance, some wise words – my weekly perspective

Today, we will take a small detour from our usual comments about business succession.  Work – life balance.  Ah, this is the ever elusive goal of many of us, not to be over generalizing but certainly the goal of many … Continue reading

Thanks and gratitude – my weekly perspective

Be thankful. We baby boomers have been fortunate to have lived through decades of the most prosperous time in much of recorded history. We have reaped (earned) much of these benefits. This accumulation has seemed relatively easy though “a rising … Continue reading

Family enterprise wealth, a blessing or a curse? – my weekly perspective

Sayings, all well put from David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell, said in three different languages: – from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations – Dalle stelle alle stalle (from stars to stables) – Quien n lo tiene, lo ance; … Continue reading

Your sunset in the family business…my weekly perspective

As the owner of the business, what are your options if you wish to phase out of the business?  You could work to transition the business to your children.  This is the wish and hope of many parents who have … Continue reading

Talking about wealth – an approach to succession, my weekly perspective

Storytime. There once was a rich person who on the outside showed all the signs of the western ideal of wealth, a big house, fancy car, vacations, a yacht and an airplane. I use the word rich to distinguish what … Continue reading

A fresh overview on succession – my weekly blog

In general terms, the business succession process takes time, and more importantly, planning, and should include the following steps: Determine whether business succession can take place within the family or if outside parties will be needed to make this succession … Continue reading