A fresh overview on succession – my weekly blog

In general terms, the business succession process takes time, and more importantly, planning, and should include the following steps: Determine whether business succession can take place within the family or if outside parties will be needed to make this succession … Continue reading

Succession is not retirement – my weekly blog

If your goal of succession of your business is your retirement, how do you define retirement? Retirement in someone’s words was “doing what you want when you want to do it“. The traditional concept of retirement?!?…picture this, a serene lake … Continue reading

Beginning a generation of philanthrophy – my weekly blog

Why philanthropy? You cannot take it with you and many business families wish to leave a legacy, whether anonymous or named donations, that make a difference to causes about which they care. In my view, philanthropic efforts for a family … Continue reading

Planning for future generations – my weekly blog

Succession is about thinking long term, beyond your immediate plannning and sometimes considers matters well into the next generations. In terms of timeframe: – mission / vision / values, often have a 5-10 yr time horizon through implementation and then … Continue reading

Primogeniture – does it still exist

Coutts, an advisory firm to the high net worth families, tallied an estimate that showed £1 trillion will pass down from one generation to the next over the next 20 years in the UK. This is significant. How will this … Continue reading