Traditions…the heart of a business, my weekly perspective

Traditions.  What do you do to maintain them?  This blog post is not specifically related to your business.  If you are non-secular, you certainly understand rituals and traditions.  They are important to allow you to focus on the moment and … Continue reading

Strength in numbers – my weekly blog

Who will pitch in on difficult projects, sometimes without pay? Who will tolerate being underpaid? Who will give you honest and sometimes challenging feedback on strategic business decisions? A: family members of a family enterprise We often take for granted … Continue reading

The rules of family meetings – my weekly blog

Some thoughts about family meetings, especially for those meetings focusing on the family business.  From my experience, as the business goes through the generations, and more owners are at the table, the decisions and discussions can often be fraught with … Continue reading

Donations and philanthropy – my weekly blog

I have previously written in a blog about how and why a family can build giving back into their family. Giving, particularly the amount, is a personal choice and decision. If giving does form part of your family’s values, then … Continue reading

Should owners be entitled to work in the family enterprise? – my weekly blog

Should owners be entitled to work in the family enterprise? I have purposely used the word “entitled”. In my value system, a person just by being born into the right family should not necessarily be entitled to all that they … Continue reading

Strategy, playing the long game – my weekly perspective

I have been reflecting since the beginning of the year on my business. Some brief thoughts you may consider for your family enterprise planning for 2018. 1. Operations and day to day – check 2. Short term profitability and business … Continue reading